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Advanced Cosmetic Procedure


JK Skin Aesthetics is proud to be MASCED accredited and is associated with Skcin the Karen Clifford Skin cancer charity. JK Skin Aesthetics uses various techniques:

ACP (Advanced Cosmetic Procedure)  adaptation of an existing well established and safety proven treatment.The electrical current passes down a probe and into the skin where it effectively cauterises the blemish enabling it to be removed without surgery. It is increasingly popular, safe, effective and hygienic treatment to remove unwanted blemishes. 


PLASMA fibroblast treatment is a  new innovative kind of cosmetic treatment currently used to remove small moles, skin tags, and is most effective on verrucas and warts! The tip of the pen emits a tiny electrical arc to the skin, without actually touching it. This plasma arc vaporises the blemish, forming small scabs that drop off within a week.


THERMAVEIN  uses a small microwave current that passes through a tiny probe. It delivers a fast and effective walk in walk out total solution. The treatment is instant, safe and permanent treatment for  thread veins, spider veins and vascular blemishes such as red spots. Unlike IPL and Lasers, ThermaVein cannot cause loss of pigmentation. When used in combination with Scelerotherapy, ThermaVein is perfect for treating legs. ThermaVein can be used equally well on men. 


All treatments are non surgical and can be a can be adapted to suit each client.

We Treat and Remove:-

- Skin Tags

- Moles, warts and verrucas

- Thread veins and vascular conditions on face and legs

- Sebaceous Hyperplasia

- Seborrheic Keratosis

- Cherry Angioma

- Age Spots

- Mila

- Much more

A free consultation and lesion analysis will be carried out at JK Skin Aesthetics by our qualified practitioner before any procedure. This includes diagnosis of the lesion, full explanation of treatment procedure and quotation. Following treatment, clients will be given specific aftercare instructions.


Book a FREE consultation with our qualified  Practitioners to help find the right treatment to Revitalise, Enhance & Define the appearance of your skin with the UK's leading skin rejuvenation treatments.

Book a FREE consultation with our qualified practitioners to removal unsightly blemishes or thread veins on the face or body. MASCED accredited and lesion experts, you are in safe hands at JK Skin Aesthetics.

Book a FREE consultation and talk to our well informed Aesthetician about our range of skin treatments and products to treat most common skin concerns. We bespoke all our treatments to suit you to achieve beautiful, radiate skin. 

Treat yourself to a JK Skin Aesthetics beauty treatments to get yourself party ready!







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We are located off Swan Street, first turning left straight after Burley & Geach Solicitors. Follow short road past parked cars and you will see us on the right the only building with a gravel driveway.


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